Test Kitchen Design

Test Kitchen is a new initiative that’s connecting generations through mealtimes to care for older neighbours who are home alone.

Algo Más was tasked with creating a new identity for the new social enterprise, as well as writing key messaging and developing assets to help explain what Test Kitchen is all about.

After thorough consultation with the client on their mission, vision and values, we were able to develop key messages that could effectively engage with a diverse range of audiences.

We wanted the Test Kitchen brand to evoke a warm homely feeling, making it an approachable brand for all generations. The rolling-pin is a kitchen utensil that conjures nostalgia in all generations of fresh home baking. We developed supporting icons to assist Test Kitchen in telling their story of social dining. The warm colours reinforce the friendly, welcoming voice the Test Kitchen brand needs.

Animated illustration is a perfect way to get your message across and we worked with Test Kitchen to produce a animation which helps explain what they do. Firstly we wrote a script and then illustrated a storyboard for the client to see. Once approved we created more detailed illustrations ready for animating and also got a voice over recorded. The next step was animating the illustrations and putting them together with the voice over and sound effects.

test kitchen branding by algo mastest kitchen branding by algo mastest kitchen branding by algo mastest kitchen branding by algo mas

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