Barossa Gourmet Weekend Branding

Recently Tourism Barossa approached Algo Más to give the Barossa Gourmet Weekend, an annual event in the Barossa which encompasses 30 events over three days, a much needed facelift.

The region is renowned for its wine, fresh seasonal produce, beautiful landscapes and easy-going lifestyle, so we wanted to capture all of this in our branding.

Our solution was to develop a logo for the Barossa Gourmet Weekend that features a wine corkscrew twisting through the earth until it becomes a fork, representing tradition and history as well as the refined tastes that the Barossa is known for. The implementation in the poster is fun, bright and contemporary – it includes food and flower imagery in a collage style, bringing a bright and quirky flavour with some tongue-in-cheek humour. The headline aims to capture all of the elements of the event and the Barossa itself, without focusing too much on wine alone.

barossa gourmet weekendbarossa gourmet branding by algo mas

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