Dellta Branding

South Australian project management company Dellta Projects commissioned Algo Mas to implement a name change and identity update aimed at positioning the business as the industry leader.

The main touchpoint for the brand is large-scale signage so the new identity was developed to work, and be highly identifiable, at any size.

delta projects logo

delta projects mark

The Dellta logo uses strong, industrial styled typography which is relevant for the construction sector. The icon combines an angular ‘D’ with an arrow in the negative space of the ‘D’.

The ‘D’ is a reference to Dellta and the arrow is a link to the etymology of the word delta which is a triangle shape. This triangle reference is very significant in the construction sector as triangles are the strongest geometric shape.

As well as creating a new identity for Dellta, this project also included business positioning, copywriting, tagline development, document creation and stationery design.

delta projects brochure

delta projects business cards

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