Murray Bridge – Make It Yours Campaign

Algo Más were retained to develop a new website for Murray Bridge’s ‘Make It Yours’ campaign.  The site bestows an attractive design, clever colour palette, and features a background video with overlayed logo and menu on the home page.

A primary feature of the site are the assorted case studies which are divided under one of three sub categories (invest, live & work). Three of the case studies can be tagged as ‘featured’ to appear on the home page and at the bottom of internal pages. Adding, updating and ‘featuring’ these case studies is seamless for the client, as well as updating the majority of the content due to the robust content management system created for the site.

The elegantly crafted prospectus and graphic map is easily viewed and downloaded from the home page, internal pages and the contact page.  The contact forms are synchronized with Murray Bridge’s Mailchimp marketing platform to assist with prospect building.

The site features elegant colour transitions, and animations during mouse hover and click events.  Appealing stock images were selected as ‘featured images’ on internal pages, case studies and news posts.  These final touches bolster the final product and the result is something both Murray Bridge and Algo Más can take great pride in.

web design by algo mas for murray bridge

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