Norwood Walk Branding

Norwood Walk is a sophisticated boutique apartment development located less than 200 metres from The Parade consisting of 13 two and three bedroom luxury residences.

Algo Más created the brand, marketing collateral and launched the advertising campaign. The brand was designed by Ryan Smith, Briony Petch wrote the copy and the project is being account managed by Monique Whicker.

Working with developer Bauhinia Property Development Group and Julianne Price Real Estate, the first priorities were to develop the name and brand for the project and to commission a professional photographer to take pictures of the local area. Brand assets were used to develop a range of collateral including outdoor signage, a sales brochure, floorplans, an inclusions brochure and sales agent resources. Algo Más also planned and booked a wholistic launch advertising campaign that included the development of creative assets for digital and cinema advertising as well as press and social media.

property branding norwood walk

Norwood Walk’s minimalist and modern-day architecture promotes simple and sophisticated living with classic designs and beautiful finishes. To reflect this, Algo Más developed a minimalist brand using a clean and bold geometric sans serif typeface as well as a connecting line to demonstrate that everything in Norwood is within walking distance of the development.

Collateral developed for the project followed through with this theme.

A deep navy blue and red colour palette was chosen reflecting the history and proximity of the development to Norwood Oval and the Norwood Football Club’s team colours.

norwood walk branding

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