Botten + Bowser Branding

Inspired by a story of independence and identity.

The idea of individual expression has been visually communicated in the Botten + Bowser brand through the creative artistic textures and organic forms.

Algo Más were engaged by property developers, Citify, to create the brand for their new $20m development in the heart of Melbourne Street in North Adelaide, featuring six levels of exclusive living.

botten bowser branding

botten bowser branding

The building’s green façade, proximity to the park lands and ‘living and breathing’ character manifests itself through the organic shapes, natural textures and earthy colour palette.

The ‘stamp emblem’ format of the logo reflects personal trust, quality and the historic identity of a signature.

The brand elements bring a fresh airy calmness and pay tribute to a unique place to grow and express your ideal lifestyle and identity. Your home is an expression of individuality.

botten bowser branding

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