RDAYMN Workshop

RDAYMN commissioned Algo Más in early 2020 to facilitate a two-hour branding workshop with its employees in Port Pirie. The aim of the workshop was to drive conversation, and ideas, around the current RDAYMN brand and its relationship with any sub-brands.

Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North (RDAYMN) is part of a government-funded national network focused on growing, and strengthening, regional economies. We worked together with RDAYMN’s senior management to develop a framework for the workshop that was approved prior to delivery. The first half of the workshop included an overview of branding, a case study review as well as group discussions on RDAYMN’s positioning and values. The second half of the workshop involved dividing participants into three smaller groups to undertake activities focusing on RDAYMN’s target audiences and brand identity. Following the workshop, and analysis of the feedback obtained, Algo Más provided a report containing a series of actionable branding recommendations for RDAYMN’s consideration.

RDAYMN branding workshop

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