'Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like.'
-Airbnb Co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky

Marketing has copped a bad rap in the past. The industry was, and sometimes still is, seen as one devoid of any real substance. It’s plagued by outdated stereotypes of long lunches, loud voices and even louder suits. We believe nothing could be further from the truth. Good marketing should be informed, integrated, intelligent and inspired.

There are many reasons to seek a marketing services agency to help promote your business brand.

If you are a start-up, you can use marketing to raise awareness of your brand amongst your target audience and gain a foothold in the market. If you work for an existing business in a competitive industry where there’s little product differentiation, marketing can increase your brand’s visibility. You may choose to invest more in marketing at certain times of the year to generate more leads and conversions.

Developing an effective promotional strategy

Marketing is the umbrella term for all the activities a brand can undertake to promote its products or services. Activities can include advertising, sponsorship, direct marketing, social media, promotions, event management and publicity. Integration is the name of the game. We have the in-house capability to provide you with a complete solution using traditional and digital platforms.

Marketing success hinges on creating a connection with your target audience. Connection builds awareness, trust and loyalty in your customers’ minds. Buyers become repeat purchasers and brand advocates who, in turn, spread positive word of mouth about your product or service. To make these long-lasting connections, you need a strategy. By having a plan in place, you know who you customers are, where to find them, the best time to reach them and which traditional and digital platforms to use to communicate your offering.

Before commencing any campaign, we will research everything we can about your business to establish your objectives and goals and devise a realistic plan that will help you achieve them. This plan will help ensure your activities and investment remains focused and your branding is applied consistently across your chosen platforms to maximise return on investment (ROI) and minimise wastage.

Finding the right marketing agency for your brand

As a full service marketing agency, Adelaide-based with more than 15 years’ experience, we offer a comprehensive range of services including:

The beauty of being able to provide these services in house is that we can deliver a complete solution. We can support your marketing activities from start to finish saving you valuable time and money so you can focus on running your business.

2020 reinforced that geography and technology are no barriers to who we work with – and where. We partner with leading brands throughout metropolitan and regional South Australia and have interstate clients who we regularly connect with using video conferencing.

A tailored mix

Marketing opportunities are endless but budgets are not. We know there is only so much money you can invest at any one time so we will work closely with you to establish your key priorities. We can create a plan that makes the most of the money you can allocate so your activities connect with your target audience, inspires them to act and delivers the biggest bang for your buck.

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