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'Design is creativity with strategy.'
-Designer Rob Curedale

If you want your brand to be found, it needs to be online. But there is more to being seen online than just whipping up a website. It needs to be designed and built for maximum effectiveness. And that takes smart thinking. You can give your brand a great head start by investing in the best website design possible. A website that’s designed to prioritise the user’s experience will enable new and existing customers to find you online – and help your business to grow. As a specialised web design agency, we can design and build responsive and intuitive websites for a range of different devices. Our websites deliver results because they are informed by strategy – and not by cheap shortcuts.

Why website design is important

Your website is a key branding tool for your business. The quality of your website, and the experience your customers have when using it, will either leave a good or bad impression. And impressions are everything. Website design and development, when delivered well, can help build value in your brand by enticing more users to visit, and return to, your site. Good web design can also help your site rank higher in search engine results when people are researching products and services online. In cluttered markets, where competition is high and product differentiation is low, the design of your website may be the factor that determines if someone spends their money with you – or takes it to your competitor instead.

What makes the best website design

When it comes to web design, we believe the customer must come first. We deign our websites with the user experience front and centre because this will ultimately determine the success of your site and, ultimately, your business. If your customers have a poor experience when they use your website, you are reducing the chances of them wanting to do business with you. But if you provide your customers with an optimal website experience, your customers are more likely to feel a positive association with your brand and return. It sounds simple because it is: your website could be the best strategic investment your business makes.

We design our websites with the following key principles top of mind:

  • User experience (UX)
  • User interface (UI)
  • Proper planning
  • Easy navigation
  • Responsive design for all devices
  • Brand consistency
  • Simplicity
  • Curated content i.e. information that adds value to customers
  • Engaging copy
  • Website loading times

Working with your web design team

We can design and develop websites ranging from one page microsites to comprehensive, multi-page websites incorporating rich content. Our experienced in-house website team can build an intuitive and flexible site for your brand that optimises your customers’ experiences.

We primarily create custom WordPress websites but can work across a range of platforms and programs.

We will work closely with you through all stages of the website design and build process to ensure the site we create is meeting your business goals, objectives, timeframe and budget: from planning the site map to designing the template and copywriting the content to coding the website itself.

Explore our web design and web development portfolio and see how we can work together to design a beautiful website that helps grow your business.

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