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'Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.'
-Web Design Expert Paul Cookson

Your website has the potential to become your business’ best employee. That’s why the importance of web development can’t be underestimated. Embarking on a web development project is an exciting time and we have the expertise to take it from conception to completion. With website design and development among our core services, we will work with you to build a site that supports your strategic goals and objectives.

Why a good website is important

Your website has the potential to become the best asset your business has. It’s easy to see why. What other resource do you have at your disposal that can reflect your brand, sell your products and services, handle enquiries, process payments, store information, broadcast news and provide customer insights all day, every day?

There is more to a good website than what meets the eye. It is true: what you see, and experience, when you first visit a website is important. Consistency is key so your website reflects the same branding you use across other marketing tools. What goes on behind the scenes in the ‘back end’ of your site is just as critical. If your website is well built, you have the best chance of giving your customers the best user experience possible.

If a website is ‘clunky’, or if information is hard to find or too slow to load, any goodwill you have previously earned in the minds of your customers could be lost. By investing the time to undertake proper website design and development, and building your site thoroughly and thoughtfully, your customers find it more easy to use. And if they have a good experience on your site, they will be more likely to form positive associations with your brand and do business with you again.

Defining your website goals

There is a lot to consider when building a new website; things you may not even have considered. We make it easy for you by starting the conversation early to get a full understanding of what your website needs to achieve and how it can become a valuable tool to help grow your business.

We typically begin each website design and development process by holding a workshop where we determine the project scope, key goals and functionality requirements in consultation with you and your team. This provides a clear focus for you – and for us – before we start work.

Common website goals may include:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Generating leads
  • Driving sales
  • Supporting recruitment

Developing your website brief

From this consultation process, we will also be able to get an understanding of:

  • How your website needs to look i.e. the site’s design and site architecture
  • The level of functionality your website needs including how it integrates with your social media platforms and email marketing
  • How conversions can be optimised i.e. the calls to action required to motivate your customers to act
  • The level of search engine optimisation needed so your website ranks higher in organic search results
  • How your website can function best across all devices i.e. desktop, tablet and mobile
  • The hosting service your website will need
  • The level of security your website will require including SSL certification
  • The website speed required for an ideal user experience
  • The level of reporting you need to understand your website’s performance and your customers’ behaviour i.e. analytics
  • WCAG accessibility needs

Building your new website

When the brief is finalised, we start working out where information will appear and how it will look. We build websites for purpose and for strategy: each element of your website will have a reason for being there. We will engage you every step of the way throughout the web development process to ensure you are happy with the look and feel of your new asset as we progress towards the full build and launching your new site.

Every website we build is also supported by an easy-to-use WordPress content management system (CMS). This functionality makes it easy for you to update your website at any time with new pages, posts and content.

We also offer a range of website hosting and maintenance plans to ensure your site performs and looks its best.

Explore our web design and web development portfolio and see how we can work together to build an effective website that helps grow your business.

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