Media planning and coordination

'Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.'
-Advertising Executive Leo Burnett

Answering the questions of where, how, when and who to advertise to requires the help of media planning specialists. Our team can design an advertising schedule that aims to raise brand awareness and help generate revenue so you get the most value from your investment.

Media planning is never a ‘cut and paste’ activity. At its most successful, it involves creating bespoke advertising solutions specifically tailored to your brand objectives and goals.

Media buying strategy

Designing a media strategy starts with asking lots of questions. The more we know about your brand, target market and business, the smarter the strategy.

We’ll ask you about your business objectives and goals and what you want your advertising to achieve. We’ll want to know about your current customers and clients – and who you want your upcoming campaign to target.

We also establish the ‘mandatories’: are there any specific magazines, television stations and digital platforms where you want to see your brand? Are there any places you don’t want your brand to appear? Tell us about any advertising you have done in the past, how it performed and your appetite for exploring new ideas. We will discuss the timeframes for your campaign and how much money you can invest.

By establishing the answers to these questions at the start of the process, we can tailor a media planning proposal that meets your needs and budget.

Our media planning process

Our media mix planning process shifts into action when you have told us about your brand – and the results you want from your upcoming campaign.

We’ll create a brief for our partner media buying agency who will use the latest data and research to prepare a media plan proposal for initial consideration. When we’re confident it will help achieve your goals and objectives, we’ll present it for your feedback. When you’re happy with the plan, we’ll book the advertising spaces and our graphic design team will start developing your creative.

Why choose us for media planning and co-ordination

We can deliver a superior service by having our graphic design and media planning teams working together under the one roof. In many cases, our clients engage us to develop brands from the ‘ground up’ so we already know who their target audiences are when it’s time to start advertising.

There is no greater thrill than coordinating a media plan, creating adverts and seeing them ‘go live’. Hearing our clients share their results, and the success of their advertising spend, is even more rewarding.

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