Kate Vanderhorst

Web Developer

Kate is a passionate web developer and has created dozens of websites. With a background in digital media and IT, Kate is a Flinders University Bachelor of Creative Arts (Digital Media) graduate and brings experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, including custom WordPress/WooCommerce theme development in addition to web design and UX/UI. For several years, Kate was also the senior tutor for the topic ‘Web-based System Development’ at Flinders University.

Having worked across multiple industries as a web developer, Kate draws on a diverse array of perspectives; incorporating an understanding of digital marketing, e-commerce, graphic design and multimedia creation in her work. She is also experienced in Google Analytics, Tags and Ads, SEO, website maintenance, security and optimisation.

Kate is very organised and has worked with a range of clients including universities, charities, government departments and restaurants. Kate believes great websites come from open discussion and she embraces opportunities to deep dive into a client’s business objectives and the user’s journey. Ultimately, Kate brings her experience and passion to every project to ensure that each website not only excels visually but provides the end user with a streamlined experience that puts the client in the strongest online position possible.

Kate’s recent and relevant projects include:

  • Website development for UniSA
  • Website design and development for FUSA
  • Website design and development for Performers Support Fund of SA
  • Website design and development for multiple restaurants across Adelaide
  • Website design and development for Capital Platform Group
  • Website development for Headshot Photographer
  • Website design and development for Tong Partners


Web development, Web design.

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