Damian Furner

Account Manager

Damian began his career in sports and exercise science, before moving into product innovation, development and sales. For more than a decade, Damian worked alongside many of Australia’s elite sporting programs, including AFL, NBL, Netball, A-League and the AIS, before turning his sights to international markets such as the NBA and NFL.

Damian has broadened his experience over the past five years, completing a master’s in marketing and honing his communications, brand strategy, and digital marketing skills. He brings extensive experience across the whole marketing discipline, including identity development, brand strategy, campaign management, website optimisation, content planning and marketing implementation.

Damian’s vision is to change the way businesses think about growth. His passion is strategic planning by supporting brands that put their people and purpose first – culture.

Having a well-rounded scientific data-driven approach, he believes:

  • Service is the key differentiator
  • Winning teams focus on results
  • Great cultures foster meaning and fulfilment
  • Growth is measured way beyond the financial bottom line


Brand strategy, strategic planning, account management, digital implementation, marketing plans, product development, budgeting, negotiations, sales.

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