How To Build A Brand To Attract Employees

May 2, 2022

Include a video and job applications increase by 34%.

With the unemployment rate in Australia now at its lowest level since August 2008, how to attract and retain staff is a key issue facing the business sector. It’s an employee market right now and competition is red hot. Employment website SEEK says two factors are combining to fuel this competitive climate: the number of job advertisements is up – 41.4% higher in  February 2022 compared to the same period three years ago – and the level of job applications is trending down. This means there’s more demand for workers than there is supply and employers are having to step up their game to recruit and keep top talent. From where we sit, employers are heeding the signs. We know this because they’re coming to Algo Más for help. We’ve delivered, and are currently developing, several projects to help businesses differentiate themselves in the market and build stronger employer brands.

How do you build a brand to attract employees? Here are some of the essential tools we recommend you have in your brand toolkit to help attract and retain staff.

Deliver on your EVP and reduce turnover by 69%.

Start With Your EVP

EVP stands for ‘Employee Value Proposition’. Think of it as a promise you’re making to your prospective and current employees. One that says: ‘if you bring your expertise and skills to our business every day, here’s what you’ll get in return’. If you think money is enough of a reward – it’s not. According to SEEK, the top eight things that matter most to Australian workers in 2022 are:

  • work-life balance;
  • flexibility;
  • salary and compensation;
  • job security;
  • work from home options;
  • a quality physical environment;
  • good working relationships; and
  • mental health support.

If you want to attract and retain the best talent, it’s going to take more than money for your business to be noticed.

We have our own EVP at Algo Más and it defines what makes our company a great place to work. Our EVP is built on five pillars: wellbeing, culture, flexibility, professional development as well as reward and recognition. It’s displayed on our website, referenced in job advertisements and added to our induction packs for new employees. Making our EVP publicly available means we’re accountable for walking the talk. And companies who do are rewarded. Global IT research and consultancy company Gartner says organisations who deliver on their EVPs can reduce annual employee turnover by 69%.  When you consider ELMO Software and the Australian HR Institute’s recent survey which found the cost of hiring a new employee in Australia is approaching $24,000, getting your EVP right –  and delivering on  your promise – can make a huge difference to business profitability.

Nearly 66% of potential employees visit the company's website.

Update Your Website

It’s been said your company website is the hardest working employee you’ll ever have because it’s ‘on’ all the time. It isn’t just a platform to advertise products and services to your customers and clients, it’s also a tool to promote your brand to prospective employees – and they are checking you out. A 2017 survey by social media recruiting and technology solutions CareerArc found nearly two-thirds of candidates visit company websites before applying for positions so it makes sense to maximise the potential of this digital platform and tell your brand story.

If you don’t have a careers section already on your website, create one. Already have a careers section on your website? Update it with fresh content. Make it easy for potential candidates to learn more about your brand and apply for positions. Remember, it’s an employee market. Today’s candidates are researching employers and looking for alignment – just as much as you are when recruiting talent. Communicate your organisation’s purpose, vision and values on your website. Show job seekers what you stand for. Showcase your EVP. Explain what you can offer candidates in return for their skills and expertise. The key benefit of having a company website is that you own the platform. It’s your own publishing channel and you control the messaging – so there’s no excuse for telling a bad brand story.

Make A Video

Video is an effective way to tell your brand story because it captures people’s attention. US-based SmallBizGenius says 69% of people prefer video over text when finding out about a product or service which means video marketing is a powerful tool you have at your disposal to strengthen your employer brand.

The beauty about video is that it can be recycled and reused across multiple platforms. You can publish your video in full to the careers section of your website, play it at induction days for new staff and add it to your SEEK job advertisements. In fact, if you want more applications, add more video. Research by UK recruitment website CareerBuilder found the number of applications for a job increases by 34% when the post includes video content. You can also edit your full-length company video into shorter snippets and share them across your social media accounts.

One rule when it comes to making a company video: authenticity is everything. Do not use paid actors.

Show real employees from across the business. Ask them to share their thoughts about what it’s like to work for you. Show the range of roles on offer. Talk about the culture that exists within your walls and the opportunities for career progression within your organisation. Communicate what distinguishes your company from other employers in your sector.

Use Paid Social Media

Another tool you can use to attract talent and advertise roles is social media. According to social media management platform Hootsuite, almost 49m people turn to LinkedIn to search for jobs every week so your brand needs a presence on this platform if you’re looking to grow your team.

A social media recruitment campaign can give your brand that extra edge. The reason why is because you can specifically target your paid campaign to reach the candidates you’re interested in based on a range of factors including their location, job title, years of experience and even interests.

High level targeting is the key reason we recommend social media advertising because the money you put behind your campaign is focused on attracting the candidates you want. You don’t need everyone to see your advertisement. It’s all about appealing to the right candidates.

Digital advertising is also easy to manage and monitor to ensure you’re getting the best possible return on investment. You can even test different types of ad copy, and imagery, and continue to run the ads that generate the most engagement and clicks.

Audit Your Internal Signage

What does internal signage have to do with employer branding? Everything. You will typically interview a candidate at your office so it makes sense to reinforce your messaging using internal signage. Convert blank walls in high traffic areas into murals featuring graphics and lettering that communicate your purpose, vision and values. Make use of the most valuable real estate there is: the space behind toilet doors. Attach A4 frames behind each door so posters featuring key messages can be easily swapped in and out.

Remember the candidate you’re interviewing has probably visited your company website multiple times by the time they’re invited for an interview so if they’ve already seen your purpose, vision and values online, imagine the powerful statement you’re making if they then see those same messages repeated throughout your building. Employer branding is no different to branding in general. Consistent repetition of key messages across your marketing platforms builds trust in the minds of your target audience. And trust builds value in your brand. Consumers do business with brands they trust. Employees are no different.

When the contract is signed and your latest recruit is on board, internal signage can also play an important role in reinforcing the culture of your organisation long term. Having your company values publicly displayed, traditionally or digitally, is a daily reminder to staff that says: ‘these are the behaviours we live by every day’. It helps to empower, and inspire, your team members to perform at their best.

A Final Word

The power balance has shifted in the employment marketplace and, right now, it’s in the hands of employees.  Research by PwC in 2021 shows 38 per cent of Australians are considering resigning from their positions in the next 12 months. Picture your team and imagine more than a third of them gone by this time next year. It’s a sobering thought. Having an effective employer brand strategy in place can help you stem any impending exodus and retain your top talent. Virgin founder and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson summed it up best when he said:

‘Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.’

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